Imagination Is Real

Imagination Is Real

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We are used to the distinction between reality and imagination. What can be experienced through our senses is bound to be real, while all that is subtle or conceived through our feelings and mind is said to be merely imaginary.

Yet, everything we are aware of in our lives started out as an act of imagination, through envisioning and feeling.

Why then are we so hung up on facts, when it is clear the paramount role imagination has always played in human experience and cultures?

According to Carl Gustav Jung, "Imagination is a concentrated extract of all forces of life," both as inner forces or archetypes and external influences.

Imagination is a synthesizing force, it is the coming alive of a vision imbued with attention, awareness, and clarity. These to me are primary attributes of the soul.

When I say that imagination is real, I mean that it exists and is generative in its own right, on various planes, which can be physical as well as abstract, or spiritual.

Some years ago, I picked up a little gift I was given by a friend. A small paper roll containing some words by Jung: "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

I have always cherished this little treasure of mine, which my friend made into a small roll and tied with a vibrant pink ribbon. However, it was only a few days ago, that I came across the whole sentence by Jung, and it was eye-opening:

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

While in certain circumstances facts need to be ascertained and too often are prone to manipulation, they alone cannot account for the complexity, the causes, and the meaning of what happens. 

I believe we are called to get acquainted with our own inner vision, with experiencing a fruitful solitude where we can meet ourselves in depth.

Such an experience is all the more needed in our world today, when we are bombed by facts, their multiple interpretations, and their distortion.

Thus, making time for our own inner way of being in the world is of paramount importance to live an authentic, profound, and creative life.

The source of all is the heart, that synthesis of soul qualities that can flourish only when encouraged and attended to with patience and compassion.

Thus, imagination makes everything alive by permeating our lives with meaningful aspiration, love, and devotion. Imagination is a key spiritual faculty and also a force that can be channeled through deep, perceptive listening to ourselves and to life. 

In so far as human beings are open and willing to listen to themselves, imagination vivifies and creates better worlds, experiences, outlooks, and objects.

Creations brought into the world through spiritual awareness and imagination, whether little or great, are manifestations of love.

They go a long way towards bringing into life a new Earth, or a new way of being on the Earth.

I invite you to work with me through inspiring, imaginative practices and story-making activities, and rediscover yourself and the world anew.


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