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Finally, How to Acknowledge Who You Are Without Ever Giving Up Your Integrity!

Do you identify as a woman on an Earth-honouring path, in love with the Feminine?

Do you believe in the power of imagination, and creativity?

Are you interested in experiencing empowering insights and new perspectives? 

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Let me tell our collective story.

As young girls, we were intuitive and determined. We could see through lame excuses and lies people told one another to get by.

In our teenage years, we balked at indifference, injustice, conformity, and hypocrisy. Yet, as people around us repeatedly said that we were too strange, too sensitive, too full of aspirations, too idealistic, and too intelligent for our own good, we gradually shut down. 

Personally, it took me years to unpeel the layers I had built to be acceptable and to retrieve my sense of trust, the knowledge that no matter what, I would really be all right the way I am. For, we can evolve, yet in some vital ways, we stay the same, if we keep our inner flames alive.  

Listening to myself infused me with the courage to leave behind what did not work for me. Self-inquiry, creativity, and imagination were my life savers and pointers on the path of transmutation and self-understanding. 

They can be yours too. 

If you are ready to go deep while engaging in playful explorative processes, you are in the right place. 

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    "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "In 2020, I had the very good fortune to work with Francesca Aniballi on a story practitioner course I was teaching. I was pleasantly called to attention by her precision and warmth. In Francesca, I have met one of those rare souls whose innate understanding of the scope and intricacy of Story calls us into the possibility of traveling between realms to change, in a good way, the stories we are living. In Francesca, I have also met someone whose gentleness, love for humanity and careful language build a caring space that can foster safety and growth. Francesca holds the tools and craft of a story artisan, with eagle vision and a readiness to fly with you wherever your story of healing needs to flow."

    Carol Day, author of Story Compass and Shamanic Dreaming

    About Francesca Aniballi

    Hi! I am Francesca Aniballi, a teacher, writer, and creative practitioner working with literature, myth, fairy tales, and anthropology.

    I am on a mission to empower, inspire and uplift women who are on an Earth-honouring path, in love with the Feminine, and on a quest to enhance their lives with beauty, creativity, insight, and wisdom.

    I hold a Ph.D. in comparative literature and postgraduate and professional qualifications in anthropology, language teaching, publishing and translation, expressive arts therapies, creativity, and writing. By alchemizing my knowledge and experiences and listening deeply, I concoct new magic for women like you.

    I am honored to serve and have you here.

    I love walking in the woods, curling up with a great book, and sipping green tea or hot chocolate on rainy days.

    Come, discover what is brewing in my cauldron!
    You are invited, you are cherished.
    Join in!